Looking for an Easy Credit? You’re in the Right Place

Taking out a loan is not for everyone. Many Germans are reluctant to borrow to finance any expenses. But not everyone has the luxury to pay everything out of their own pocket. And the argument of “pumping up” when taking out a loan is no longer really valid at the current low interest rate level. Therefore, you can finance the car purchase or buy a new kitchen on credit and still sleep peacefully. With the Bundelfa loan, you can now easily take out a loan from home. We have designed simple processes that allow you to take out a loan without bureaucratic hurdles. Thanks to these lean processes, Bundelfa Credit is also one of the cheapest in comparison to traditional providers – according to the Deutsche Bundesbank’s interest rate statistics, the average interest rate is over 5%.

Get a loan from Bundelfa – fast process & instant approval


Through our fully automated and digital process, you can get your credit in just a few steps. First, make a free, anonymous and non-binding condition request. This service is the first step in getting credit with Bundelfa. Immediately afterwards, you will be shown the interest conditions for which you are offered a loan. Afterwards, all you have to do is verify the previous entries and there’s nothing to stop you from taking a loan. The verification is easily done by digital analysis of your account or by uploading your data (bank statements, salary statement) to confirm the previously made inputs. Through our streamlined process you will immediately receive an instant confirmation as to whether you can take out a loan. We also give you an overview of the loan you want at different terms so that you can choose the loan that suits you best. After signing up for your loan, Bundelfa gives you the opportunity to legitimize yourself through our partner IDnow via eSign and at the same time sign the contract to take out the loan. This innovative service allows you to complete the entire credit process in minutes, without having to mess around with contract documents to print out. After you have taken out the loan, we will pay you out in less than 24 hours.

Take out credit at Bundelfa – your benefits

  • Free and non-binding condition request
  • Digital, intuitive application
  • Borrowing in the amount of € 2,500 to € 25,000
  • Top conditions with terms of 12 to 60 months
  • Fast payout within 24 hours

Take out credit – what does that mean for me?


Taking out credit means benefiting from the low interest rate environment. The current interest rate situation makes taking out a loan as attractive as never before. No matter why you want to take out a loan with Bundelfa, a loan offers various options. The one wants to carry out a short-term repair of the car, someone else fulfills a wish that has long been in mind. No matter for what reason you choose to take out a loan, depending on the situation, you are creating new opportunities to realize projects. You simply pay back the loan you have taken over the term you want including interest on a monthly basis and can also save money compared to traditional providers. Take a look at the following example.

Take credit – what do I need for it?

Take credit - what do I need for it?

You do not need much to apply for a loan online:

  • PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Web browser of your choice
  • Valid e-mail address for verification
  • Bank account with a German bank for the payment of the loan
  • Documents to prove your data

Higher flexibility through free eradication

  • Accepted credit is repayable at any time
  • Free repayments on specified dates
  • Prepayment Compensation in accordance with the provisions of § 502 BGB

When you place an online loan with Bundelfa, we offer you a special service. At predetermined times, you can repay your loan early, without incurring any further costs for you. Of course, it is also possible at any other time to repay your loan early. In this case, a prepayment penalty according to the provisions of §502 in the BGB. Further information on fees and conditions can be found in our price and service list .

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