Read about Corporate Social Responsibility for the Loan Fund

At Loan Fund write about everything that has an impact on your private economy. come around pension, exchange rates and budgeting, etc. But as name suggests, also have a big focus on loans. This applies to both the quick consumer loans, but also student loans, bank loans and mortgages, etc.

At the Loan Fund would like to take corporate social responsibility. If you take up many loans, you can easily end up in debt. hope is, therefore, that users are well aware of the fact that they raise loans. In some cases, a consumer loan can be the best and cheapest solution. In other cases, a loan is unnecessary and can lead to debt. are therefore trying to disclose the terms of the loans as much as possible.

On the longer consumer loans provide interest rates, so you can find the cheapest loan. On the very short micro lane it is instead the total cost of the current loan that is interesting. encourage all users to assess whether they need the current loan and whether they can afford to repay the loan. In addition, you should always compare the different options, so you can use the cheapest option. try to help you, including through advisory articles, through price lists, and through loan calculators .

In this way try as well as possible to properly declare the various loans on the market. also try to generally advise on private finance. In the news section you will find news and information on housing support , SU , unemployment benefits , cash benefits , old-age pension and much more. Similarly, have savings tips explaining how to send packages cheaply , what tax deductions to remember and how to avoid high contribution rates on the home loan.

In addition to efforts to make the Loan Fund website responsibly, wish to contribute through donations for different purposes. You can read more about this in the next section.

Donations for charity in 2017

have previously supported different charities. For us, charity is many things. Both environment, animals and people in need are worth supporting. In 2017 chose to support the following organizations:

  • The cat center (DKK 10,000)
  • Unicef ​​(8,000 kr.)
  • Danish Animal Protection Aarhus (5,000 kr.)
  • The Animals Protection (5,000 kr.)
  • Children’s Heart Foundation (2,500 kr.)
  • Heart Association (2,500 kr.)
  • Ingenco2 (1,764 kr.)
  • People’s Church Aid (1,000 kr)

total donations for charity in 2017 totaled 35,764.

Donations for charity in 2018

Donations for charity in 2018

Several donations in both 2016 and 2017 were annual donations. In 2016 supported a total of DKK 39,264 and in 2017 supported a total of DKK 35,764. expectations for 2018 are to support many of the same organizations as in 2017. If make adjustments and support some other things in 2018, will Write this on the page either in late 2018 or in the beginning of 2019.

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