The cheapest instant loan – credit comparison

The most important points at a glance:

If it has to go fast – the instant loan

Many processes, which often have to be done in a normal bank, are automated in an instant loan. For this reason, online banks in particular can offer an instant loan – and often through the low cost already significantly cheaper than conventional banks. There are already loans from 2.59% APR!

The most important points at a glance:

  • Yes, there really is something like an instant loan. If the conditions are right, the money can be in the account within a few hours with instant confirmation
  • Partial can also be an instant loan despite negative private credit come about, even if the chances are of course not quite so good. Just try it with the recommended providers
  • All providers listed in this article are tested by us and 100% serious

Advantages of instant loan

Advantages of instant loan

The instant loan online has a number of advantages over normal loans, which you can apply for at his house bank, here are the most important in the overview:

1. Fast to apply, little paperwork

The providers of instant loans online offer their products in Germany, as the name implies, actually only over the Internet. In addition, the public procurement directives are simplified, which means that an application can be completed in a few minutes and requires no major bureaucracy. If everything is correct then you get an instant confirmation.

2. Less difficult to get than larger loans

Due to the low loan amounts for instant loans, the risk of a default on the credit providers is limited. For example, with a weak credit rating you have much better chances than a classic, higher credit from a bank.

3. Mostly cheaper than a credit line

Instant loans can also be great for balancing the account at the end of a month. Instead of falling into the minus and having to pay the often higher interest rates for the credit line, so you simply apply for a quick loan, which you pay back in the following month.

Requirements for an instant loan

Instant loan comparison

The banks, where the offers for a loan are obtained, first check whether all instant loan conditions are met with a customer. These conditions for applying for a loan are exactly the same for the vast majority of institutions. 

    • First of all, a residence in Germany must be present, as the banks of course need an address in the country, to which they can send offers, etc.
    • Next, only adults of legal age in Germany are allowed to take out a loan
    • A German bank or giro account must be available, to which the loan can be transferred
    • As a last, a sufficient credit rating must be available, so that the bank can be sure to get the money back. However, what is considered sufficient may differ from bank to bank

Especially from the payment and credit behavior in the past, credit institutions create a so-called “credit score”. With this, they determine the creditworthiness of the applicant and decide whether a loan is granted to him and also, on what exact terms. For example, someone with a high monthly income, who always repays his loans on a regular basis, gets better conditions than, for example, a worker who receives a minimum wage.

Top providers instant loan online

Top providers instant loan online

At our calculator, for example, you currently receive a € 4,000 net loan amount at just 2.59% APR. And this with a short term of 12 months and a fixed borrowing rate pa of 2.59%. There is no processing fee. Use the loan calculator for your individual request tb (opens in the new window).

In general, you can apply to the Bank for a net loan amount of up to € 70,000 loan amount.

is also more flexible than many other providers. So it is possible, if it comes during the credit period times to payment difficulties, once the payment for one month, without further indication of reasons to suspend.

Maxda also offers quick loans in a range of 3,000 to 250,000 euros loan amount. The loans are not only good on the terms, it is also possible to get an installment loan, if you do not have a perfect private credit.

Maxda is particularly fast with the function of express request. This is completed within a few minutes, so that you have the money on the account as quickly as possible.

We at have rated a large number of credit providers to introduce you to the best instant loan providers online. Here security and seriousness are important. Nevertheless, your request will be processed quickly. Thus, it may happen that the payment follows on the day of the application. For this, however, the application must usually be received before 14:00 clock.

In your search, keep in mind that the effective rate should be low. Because this interest is crucial for a cheap loan.

What is an instant loan

What is an instant loan

Usually one means with an instant loan that this gets along in the shortest possible time and without big bureaucratic hurdles. That is, little paperwork and an instant confirmation as well as payout are the main features here.

What is an instant loan suitable for?

What is an instant loan suitable for?

Above all, instant loans are suitable for bridging financial bottlenecks or doing an urgent purchase with a relatively small amount of credit. In general, one can also say that loan terms and maturities are lower on average than, say, a traditional bank loan.

Even as an alternative to a usually more expensive credit line – that is, as an alternative to Kontoüberzeihung – an instant loan can be quite suitable. Since such a loan can be had quickly, it is possible to apply for it in the short term, if one notices that the money will not last until the end of the month.

Instant loan despite private credit entry or other formal problems

Anyone who needs an instant loan despite negative private credit entry or / and has already received a rejection at another provider, who still has a chance at creditist, because each case is considered and evaluated individually. But you have to take some increased interest in purchasing. A net loan amount of 4,000 euros is available here from 4.80% APR.

After completing and sending the online application, an employee will check your individual request and contact you immediately. The loan specialist will contact you to discuss your specific ideas and needs. You will then receive a non-binding credit agreement by mail. If this meets your expectations, you only have to sign it and identify yourself as a “real” person via online or post-identification procedures. If you have signed the contract, the payment will be made within 24 hours upon receipt.

In general, you can get an instant loan from creditist online with a net loan amount of up to € 60,000.

We recommend creditist, since no traffic lights or computers “refuse”, but personal consultants check each case individually. Request your loan offer today at creditist without obligation!

Beware of rogue providers! Especially in the field of online and instant loans, you should be careful that you do not get to the wrong people. Our loyalty check helps here and shows which providers are trustworthy.

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